Referral acupuncture for your pet in the comfort of their home

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What do I do?


Fine needles are inserted into your pets skin at specific points to block pain messages to the brain and encourage the release of the body's natural painkillers - endorphins.


Constructive, impartial and friendly advice for businesses in the pet industry. Veterinary advisory services and workshops. Web content management.


Educational and entertaining teaching on a variety of subjects from pet first aid to animal care, pet bereavement and client communication.


How does it work?

Acupuncture has been shown to interact with a number of features of the nervous system, from increasing the level of natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving substances in the body, to enhancing pathways in the brain and spinal cord that reduce pain sensation. More recently, we have become aware of the role of acupuncture in relieving local pain within the muscle and fascia of the body. By using acupuncture, we can influence the endocrine and limbic systems, helping to treat common medical disease and to reduce the emotional impact of disease on the animal too.

The Chinese approach to disease is very holistic and takes into account emotional, hereditary and environmental factors. The philosophy and aim of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is to restore equilibrium between physical, emotional and spiritual factors – thus restoring and maintaining heal

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Positive Results

What my happy clients are saying


I really can’t recommend Jen highly enough. My 12 year old Springer Spaniel, Belle, has been having acupuncture for arthritis with Jen for 4 years. Belle can be reactive, but she's so calm and relaxed with Jen, usually falling asleep as soon as the first needle goes in. It’s almost as if she knows that it's going to help her and she's like a different dog after her treatment. Jen is very professional and friendly with a vast knowledge of animals and a love of dogs.

S. Hadley

Bryn started acupuncture with Jen with a combination of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy after having both his cruciate ligaments operated on. He enjoyed it so much and it helped him with tightness in the back, that we continued with the acupuncture on a regular basis. In fact I saw such a difference in him I decided to give it a go for my back and absolutely loved it as well.

L. Brown